Carolina 5502 - Men's - 8" Waterproof Met Guard Carolina 5502 - Men's - 8" Waterproof Met Guard Carolina 5502 - Men's - 8" Waterproof Met Guard

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Carolina 5502 - Men's - 8" Waterproof Met Guard

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Keep your entire foot safe and 100% dry with this tough and durable waterproof met guard. Features DRYZ®, an innovative insole system that absorbs moisture and molecularly converts it into a dry gel within the insole of the shoe. As a result, the insole absorbs the moisture from perspiration throughout the day, yet remains dry to the touch. Comfort is also provided by an extra-roomy toe and the Pillow Cushion™, which is a thick layer of memory foam that wraps the foot in comfort. Combined with existing insole systems, it offers the ultimate in cushioned comfort. Resistant to electrical hazards, capable of withstanding applications of 14,400 volts at 60hz for one minute without leakage. Constructed with super-tough Kevlar® stitching, steel shank, heat-resisting insole board, and a Vibram® heat/oil/slip resistant outsole for superior safety and performance. Cork harness leather upper.

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